What is the VITA Program?

VITA is an IRS sponsored, free tax preparation program that is offered to low to moderate income, elderly and disabled members of the community who are not able to afford professional tax filing services. All tax preparers are trained in tax law and are required to be certified by the IRS to prepare tax returns as volunteers.

Thank you for your interest in the VITA program. Our aim is to provide you the best possible service at no cost to you. Please see below the type of clients we serve, and the list of documents you need to bring to our site.

Click on our tax advice tab to ask any tax-related questions you may have. Read our tax blog for any new updates or changes in tax laws that may affect you.

Who we serve

We prepare tax returns for:

  • Individuals with W-2s, 1099MISCs, 1099Rs, SSA, SSI, 1099Gs, 1099INTs
  • Students and Scholars on F1, F2, J1 and J2 visa.
  • Self-employed taxpayers with expenses less than $10,000 (you must have all expense items properly documented)

We DO NOT prepare tax return for Individuals With:

  • Investment Income or Loss
  • Income from rental property
  • Self-employed taxpayers with expenses in excess of $10,000

What to bring

  • All W-2 statements, 1099s, Social Security Statements
  • Social Security cards for dependents
  • Social Security cards and Picture IDs of Taxpayer and Spouse
  • Copy of previous year's return

If Married Filing a Joint Return both parties MUST be present to e-file the return